Religious Headgear Policy

 USA Judo’s Domestic Policy on Religious Headgear Worn by Referees

(Revised 7/17/18)

As the national governing body for the sport of judo in the United States, USA judo is responsible for creating and abiding by rules that are fair and consistent for its membership.

USA Judo is proud to live in a country that allows freedoms not always allowed in other countries, including freedom of speech and religion.  As such, and as a country that celebrates its diversity and equality, USA Judo has determined that it will allow USA Judo Certified Referees to wear religious headgear during domestic events under its authority.

USA Judo reserves the right to not allow headgear of any kind for referees if doing so may impede the individual wearing headgear from fulfilling his or her refereeing responsibilities, or for any reason deemed as detrimental to the sport of judo in the United States.

For questions regarding the wearing of religious headgear, please call USA Judo at 719-866-4730.  Thank you.