Judo in Schools

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Piloted in 2017 through a grant from the International Judo Federation, USA Judo partnered with Somerset Academy and the Academica Charter School System to launch an after school program in 11 schools located in Central and South Florida.

To introduce the culture and sport of judo in an effort to holistically develop students and combat some of the trending concerns among youth including physical fitness, overall health, bullying, respect for self and others, peer engagement, excelling in studies and more.

  • What Is Judo?
  • Judo In Schools Program Overview
  • Judo in Schools Resources
Judo in Schools Overview (Photo by USA Judo)

USA Judo registered clubs will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of new Flexi-Roll/Flexi-Connect or the Swain Hybrid Mats (1x2metersx4cm)