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    Check out listings for jobs at USA Judo clubs throughout the nation and learn how to post a job for your club.

  • IJF Coaching Conduct

    Full content of the IJF rules regarding matside coaching and coach conduct.

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  • Coach Dress Code and Credentials

    Coaches must be current USA Judo Certified Coaches to receive coaching credentials at all USA Judo sanctioned events, including local, regional and national tournaments. Learn more about credentials and the dress code for national events.

  • Funded Coach Criteria

    Interested in becoming an international team coach? Learn more about the requirements to work with Team USA.

  • IJF Certified Coaches List

    View the complete list of U.S. coaches who have completed their IJF Coach Certification

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  • Forms

    View USA Judo coach certification, concussion training, background screen and other key forms for coaches.


The following are the requirements for individuals seeking to become a USA Judo coach:

Contact Pat Burris at for more information on how to become a USA Judo certified coach.

All USA Judo certified coaches must maintain an active USA Judo membership throughout your Coach Certification period.

NCSI screening is required for all coaches. Background Screens expire every two years, but must be renewed if screen will expire during your coach certification period. Coach Certification fees are non-refundable regardless of background screen results.

SafeSport is valid for 1 year.

Rank certificates may be accepted from USA Judo, the U.S. Judo Federation, the U.S. Judo Association or the American Traditional Jujitsu Association. Please Note: Only sandan and below from USJA, USJF, and ATJA are accepted. Any rank transfers may be reviewed for acceptance by USA Judo’s Rank & Certification Committee.

CPR / First Aid Certification is recommended for all USA Judo coaches, but not required.

State Level Coach Certification is for new coaches who have obtained a minimum rank of Sr. Brown Belt (Ikkyu) and have completed all requirements.  In-person Clinic is not required.

Regional Level Certification is for new coaches who have obtained a minimum rank of Shodan and have completed all requirements. In-person Clinic is not required.

National Level Certification is for advanced coaches. A minimum rank of Shodan is required, as well as all requirements. In-person clinic required for new National Certifications, but not renewals.

Continental Level Certification is for advanced coaches who hold a minimum of Nidan rank.  In-person clinic required for new Continental Certifications, but not renewals.

Continental Level Certification is for advanced coaches who hold a minimum of Sandan rank.  In-person clinic required for new International Certifications, but not renewals.

International Gold Level Certification is for elite level coaches who have coached a USA Judo team at the Olympics or Senior World Championships. Sandan rank or above is required.

Notes: Athletes who have completed for USA In the Olympics or World Championships who are applying for USA Judo Coach Certification will be certified at the Continental Level. 

Coaches who do not have judo rank on file with USA Judo will be certified at the State Level. 

State, Regional and National Level Clinics are hosted country wide by official USA Judo Coach Clinicians.  Please see the USA Judo web site/events for upcoming clinics.

A Continental and International Coach Clinic is held annually in conjunction with the USA Open in Florida.  Please see the USA Judo web site for details.

The In-Person Coach Clinic requirement for National level and below may be waived if extenuating circumstances warrant.  For example, in-person clinics were suspended during Covid-19.  Waivers may also be available if a clinic is not available in a reasonable time frame/distance or for other reasons that may present difficulty for the coach to travel.  Ideally, coaches will attend as many in-person coach clinic as possible, regardless of coach level.  Consistent, continual education helps America produce better coaches – thereby helping develop more advanced athletes.

  1. The cost of a USA Judo Club membership is $100 a year. Club memberships expire on Dec 31st of the year in which the membership was purchased.
  2. Club memberships can be renewed or created through your personal USA Judo membership through the platform. When logged in you will see a “Setup Club” option in the lefthand navigation bar.
  3. All USA Judo Clubs must have a fully certified USA Judo coach attached to it at all times to stay in compliance. Clubs must also ensure that they consistently manage all members and staff in the club that are required to take the U.S. Center for SafeSport training annually and stay up to date with their NCSI Background Check.
    1. Access to USA Judo’s General Liability Insurance coverage.
    2. Opportunity to sanction events through your club account at
    3. Listing on the official USA Judo “Find a Club” locator for potential athletes in your area to learn about your program.
    4. Access for the club and all USA Judo members in the club to the American Judo System's online library and catalogue for continually updated technique videos and live classes.
    5. Membership certificate to display in the dojo.
    6. Opportunity to purchase USA Judo club banners, event signage and personalized business cards through our partner, SignsRX.
    7. Access to issue member promotions through the USA Judo member portal at and track progression through their online profiles.
    8. Ability to earn awards for the top clubs at each of USA Judo's four national tournaments: Senior National Championships, Junior Olympic Championships, Youth National Championships and President's Cup.