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    Judo gi


    two-piece uniform (jacket & pants)

    judo teacher

    Japanese term for “The Gentle Way”

    judo practice area (gym)

    Interior space

    Mat dimensions 46 x 46 (91 sq. feet)

    Seating area

    Unobstructed (no pillars/support beams near mats)

    Floor can be carpeted, concrete, tile or wood (gym)

    Basic activewear is OK for first several practices, preferably a loose long sleeve t-shirt and long sweat pants that tie at the waist Judo gi is required after 2 weeks of athlete participation

    Long hair must be tied back (pony tail or braid) Short and clean finger nails (hands and feet) No jewelry of any kind

    No make-up

    No shoes or socks

    Tatami (rectangular or roll out) are preferred but basic gymnastic mats are also acceptable. *

    Must be current/active USA Judo coach certified which will include individual USA Judo membership, clean background screen, current U.S. Center for SafeSport certification and CDC Concussion Training Certificate.

    *USA Judo registered clubs will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of new Flexi-Roll/Flexi-Connect or the Swain Hybrid Mats (1meter x 2meters x 4cm)


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