Judo in Schools (JIS) and the IJF are putting our trust within you to not only teach these children properly but to inspire them to take on this challenge as they continue into adulthood. You are the driving factor behind this program and the decider on whether or not this will succeed.

As an instructor you are meant to create and implement enjoyable exercises while also adding in basic judo techniques. Each instructor will have to be attentive to the particular needs of each child in their lessons as children of all ages will progress at different rates. The IJF looks to see your lessons as a live performance of sorts that excels through your personality as this will instill the fundamentals in each child’s mind through a playful experience.


Safety is the most important aspect of this sport and always needs to be taken into consideration during lessons. It is imperative that you keep a constant watch over the children as it is easy to make mistakes in the beginning. Please be aware of everything that is occurring and take the time to correct unsafe techniques or practices that the children may be utilizing. Another aspect you need to be aware of are the age differences. Each child progresses mentally and physically different than their counterparts so please do not push too hard in one direction. We recommend separating children by age groups so that techniques and fundamentals are easily teachable. Please refer to the IJF manual down below as it has more information about this and ways you can teach the different groups.

Hygiene is a vital factor for every judoka regardless of age or skill. When you have so many children from different households and areas it is easy for illnesses and other issues to spread around. Please remember the following rules you must follow:

  • Children must always have clean hands and feet. This includes trimmed nails and general dirt.
  • All jewelry (necklaces, body rings, hair accessories) must be removed. If they cannot be removed, please use tape to cover them.
  • Have the children wear a shirt and shorts under their judogis.
  • Ensure the mat is properly cleaned before lessons start.

Please remember to view the PDF below as it holds important information for you to know and practice.