PJC Executive Committee

The Pan American Judo Confederation (PJC) or (CPJ) is made up of the National Judo Federations of America. Each National Federation must be recognized by its Olympic Committee as the only official federation that represents its country before international sporting bodies, which, in turn, must have been recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee. PJC is made up of 32 national judo federations / associations, and the IJF recognizes PJC as one of the five continental judo bodies

USA Judo is a proud member of the PanAmerican Judo Confederation

The PJC Executive Committee is comprised of the following:

  • President: Carlos Zegarra, Peru
  • Secretary: Mike Tamura, Canada
  • Treasurer: José Porfirio, Puerto Rico
  • Director of Referees: Ovidio Garnero, Argentina
  • Director of Education: Katiuska Santaella, Venezuela
  • Sports Director: Amadeus Dias de Moura Jr, Brazil
  • Development Director: Rafael Manso, Cuba
  • Managing Director: Jose H Rodriguez, USA