USA Judo Leadership Letter To Membership Regarding SafeSport Policies & Procedures

by USA Judo

Dear USA Judo Members,

Recently, there have been several decisions made by the US Center for SafeSport impacting the USA Judo Community. While these situations are regrettable, the sanctions issued are evidence that our partnership with the US Center for SafeSport is working. Through increased education and mandatory training of members and leadership, as well as additional resources for reporting, constructive changes are happening. The processes we are putting in place to identify, investigate and discipline offenders are working. The adjudication of claims is complicated and takes time, but rest assured, reported incidents and resulting decisions are being addressed.

The leadership of USA Judo has always put member safety at the forefront. As such, we hold all members accountable to the established code of conduct consented to by every individual who becomes a member of USA Judo. There is a zero-tolerance policy for violation of this code.

Significant investments have been made in the education, training, response and resolution of abuse and misconduct of any kind. These resources can be found on USA Judo’s Website as follows:

Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Period. We encourage our members to review this information and let us know if you have questions or concerns. See something, say something. Any victims of abuse or witnesses who may even suspect abuse occurring within the construct of the USA Judo Community should be reported immediately using the resources listed above.

During the pandemic, the motto #togetherstronger was referenced. This applies to every facet of the culture we want to create within the USA Judo Community. To do that requires everyone working together for the greater good of our sport and our membership here in the United States. We hope you will join us in building this culture. Thank you for your membership with USA Judo and your trust in our leadership.

Yours in Service,

USA Judo Board of Directors & Staff