1) To establish and maintain a classification of coaches that allows for identification of personnel based on characteristics deemed important by USA Judo for coaching activities at all levels, from grass roots local levels to top-level international competition;
2) To establish and deliver a program of development and education for all coaches within the system that will provide meaningful learning experiences to them to improve their skills as coaches, and to meet criteria necessary for advancement in the system;
3) To establish and monitor a mechanism for continual updating of individual coaching experiences relevant to placement within the system.

Sub-Committee Members: Pat Burris (Chair), Humberto Lopez, Sgt. Major Mayfield, Grace Jividen and Sami Tadahara.

All individuals wishing to work in the USA Judo Development Committee's activities as coaches must make application as a coach to the Coach Development and Education Subcommittee. Applicant's experiences are reviewed and used as a basis for classification according to the system as outlined below. Only coaches who meet all criteria, including service and educational requirements, will be allowed to be a coach. Coaches will update their personnel files at the end of each calendar year, and reclassified for the following year.