USA Judo SafeSport Instructable

    Please complete the steps below:

    Step 1:  Using a compliant browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera, go to to log into your USA Judo account.

    If you have not set your password since the USA Judo migration to the Sport:80 platform, click/tap on the 'Forgot Password' link toward the bottom and follow the directions to create your password for the USA Judo/Sport:80 platform.

    Step 2:  Once you have logged in, click/tap the 'VIEW' button under your name.

    image of name panel


    Step 3:  Click/Tap the 'Center for SafeSport Training' tab.
    Different screen sizes display the options differently. Please refer to the pictures below to find the options for your scenario.

    image of choose center for safesport training
    image of choose center for safesport training mobile version

    Step 4:  Click/Tap the '+ ADD CENTER FOR SAFESPORT TRAINING' button.

    image of add center for safesport training


    Step 5:  In the new window that appears, choose the appropriate training course by clicking the '+ ADD' button.
    NOTE: Buttons in red are courses that you are not required to take until your certification expires after 1 year.
    You may see an 'INVALID' while the page reloads your selection. This is by design.

    image of add training button


    Step 6:  Select the Program Type from the drop-down menu then click 'NEXT' button.
    Do not choose an option that has (Certificate Upload) in the description unless you have already completed the course offline.

    image of Program Type


    Step 7:  Click/Tap the box next to 'YES' if you certify that all details are accurate to the best of your knowledge then click '+ ADD' button.

    image of verify panel


    Step 8:  Click/Tap the 'Start Training' button to begin your training.

    image of start training panel


    Step 9: (optional)  If you have to start the process in the middle, you can click/tap on the 'Pending Approval' button and pick up where you left off.

    image of verify panel


    Once the training is complete, your account will automatically be updated with the valid certificate.


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