October 16, 2019 Junior World Championships

Oct 16, 2019 - Oct 20, 2019 |

    USA Judo sent a delegation of 13 athletes from the United States to compete in Morocco for the 2019 Junior World Championships. This world class event held 517 of the best junior competitors from over 80 countries.

    Team USA may have fell short of the podium, but several wins against strong judo nations gave the young team the experience they hoped for.

    “We are here to learn and to get better,” said coach Serge Bouyssou. “There are a lot of things going on during such an event. We are building for the future. You know, I tell the boys and girls, that nobody is better than them. The other competitors might just have a little more experience. But that is exactly what we came for.“

    Team USA’s Results:

    • -52kg. Marisol Torro loss first round in a hard-fought match by wazari, to eventual bronze medalist Ayumi Kawada of JPN.
    • -57kg. Mariah Holguin went 1-1 with win vs. POR and loss vs KOS.
    • -57kg. Stella Davison loss first round to bronze medal winner Jisu Kim of KOR in her first international competition.
    • -63kg. Sara Golden went 2-1 looking strong in her first two wins vs. EGY and MAR, and a loss to silver medalist Anja Obradovic.
    • -63kg. Katie Bernier first round loss to ARG.
    • -70kg. Ashley Klingberg first round loss to SEN.
    • -78kg. Natalija Stanojevic first round loss to UBZ.
    • -60kg. Jacob More went 1-1 defeating ARM followed by a disappointing loss to bronze medalist Carlos Maldonado of ARG. Jacob scored wazari to tie the match, but it was waved off with little time remaining.
    • -66kg. Ricky Marin first round loss by wazari to bronze medalist Ibrahim Aliyev of AZE.
    • -66kg. Mikah Brooks went 1-1 with win vs. MEX and loss to 5th place Yermek Amangeldi of KAZ.
    • -73kg. Sandro Chaladze went 1-1 with win vs. TJK and loss to silver medalist Georgii Elbakiev of RUS.
    • -81kg. Adrian Bernal first round loss to GRE.
    • -90kg. Jeff Stout first loss to bronze medalist Gennaro Pirelli of ITA.
    • -100kg. Daniel Pavlov first round loss to EGY.
    • +100 Eric Kalajyan first round loss to bronze medalist Richard Sipocz of HUN.
    • +100 Christian Konoval first round loss to fifth place Luca Lomidze of FRA. At 16 years old he has a bright future.

    "I have learned so much from these trips both in judo and in life. I made so many great memories that I will be sure to carry with me and met so many new people who I will for sure see again," said Sara Golden (-63kg, 3x World Team member).

    Our athletes were also able to experience a bit of Morocco and the city of Marrakech. The engaging diversity of the culture was truly one of a kind. Many of whom had the opportunity to visit the markets of Marrakech, garden Jardin Majorelle, drank traditional mint tea, and even rode camels in the Palmiers surrounding the king’s palace.

    "What an honor. I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity. From competing with the highest level of judoka from around the world to being immersed in a completely different culture, this was truly an amazing experience. This was my first time being on the world team and competing at an international competition, and hopefully there will be many more," said Stella Davison (-57kg, first time World Team member).

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