Land of Lakes Tournament

Oct 12, 2019 - Oct 12, 2019 |

    The Land of Lakes Tournament occurred on Saturday, October 12th in Eagan, Minnesota.

    82 competitors ranging in age from 7 to mid-50's travelled from 6 states, including MN, ND, SD, IA IL and WI to attend the tournament this year. Due to an early season winter storm, participants from Canada and some from Northern MN were unable to attend.

    The Land of Lakes Tournament was first held in 1992 by Perry Forstrom and Guy Odishaw with the assistance of Sensei Brett Wood Taylor of Welcome Mat Judo Club (Fond du Lac, WI). Since, the competition has grown to 80+ competitors.

    They are excited to continue to grow the tournament with local, regional and even international competitors.


    Land of Lakes Tournament Results
    Girls 8-10 Light
    Louisa Verbrugge Grappler Station 1st
    Anna Mytides Teikiatsu 2nd
    Girls 8-10 Mid
    Ellie Besnoff SF Hapkido 1st
    Saori Yamanaka Tokhon 2nd
    Girls 11-12 Light
    Kianna Crelly SF Hapkido 1st
    Zoe Mytides Teikiatsu 2nd
    Girls 11-12 Mid
    Paw Eh Doh Midway Judo 1st
    Hagar Bahad Grappler Station 2nd
    Girls 11-12 Heavy
    Ella Houle Grappler Station 1st
    Julissa Hernandez Midway Judo 2nd
    Girls 15-16 Advanced
    Jasmine Wegleitner Twin Cities Judo 1st
    Elie Land SF Hapkido 2nd
    Girls 14-15 Exhibition
    Chloe Phillips SF Hapkido 1st
    Mary Swanson Twin Cities Judo 2nd
    Womens' Division
    Chloe Phillips SF Hapkido 1st
    Ananda Boyd Iowa State University 2nd
    Boys 7 and under
    Samson Roslik Grappler Station 1st
    Nixon Thomserth-Belcher Doc's Gym 2nd
    Boys 8-10 Light
    Peter Chalmeau Doc's Gym 1st
    Eamon Mahoney Grappler Station 2nd
    Boys 8-10 Mid-Light
    Ethan Besnoff SF Hapkido 1st
    Kyron Thao Midway Judo 2nd
    Jacob Mendelev Teikatsu 3rd
    Boys 8-10 Mid-Heavy
    Rory Mahoney Grappler Station 1st
    Gabe Brown Grappler Station 2nd
    Kai Kesha Grappler Station 3rd
    Boys 8-10 Heavy
    Gabriel Hoffman Twin Cities Judo 1st
    Aaron McMullen TC/ Itasca 2nd
    Samuel Hoffman Twin Cities Judo 3rd
    Boys 11-12 Light
    Jesse Gaboury Grappler Station 1st
    Echo Foley Midway Judo 2nd
    Logan Hoffman Twin Cities Judo 3rd
    Boys 11-12 Heavy
    Jesse Gaboury Grappler Station 1st
    Walid Bahad Grappler Station 2nd
    Chevy Crelly SF Hapkido 3rd
    Boys 13-14 Novice
    Jaylon Lee Midway Judo 1st
    Walid Bahad Grappler Station 2nd
    Boys 15-16 Novice
    Bleah Paw Midway Judo 1st
    Michael Burnett Doc's Gym 2nd
    Boys 13-14 Advanced
    Echo Foley Midway Judo 1st
    Oscar Pederson Doc's Gym 2nd
    Boys 15-16 Advanced
    Gianni Lechuga Doc's Gym 1st
    Annass Bahad Grappler Station 2nd
    Noah Schiebout SF Hapkido 3rd
    Mens Novice 145
    Willie Nixdorf Midway Judo 2nd
    Zachary Fuessley Iowa State University 3rd
    Mens Novice 161
    Ryan Ledman 1st
    William Bishop Midway Judo 2nd
    Conor Froseth Doc's Gym 3rd
    Mens Novice 198
    Paul Yang Midway Judo 1st
    Yeng Lee Midway Judo 2nd
    Donald Nixdorf Midway Judo 3rd
    Mens Novice 220
    Jesse Rennicke Campion 1st
    Sidler Davis Miday Judo 2nd
    Ibrahim Khalifa Doc's Gym 3rd
    Mens Novice 220+
    Serge Shematsi 1st
    Jeng Lee Midway Judo 2nd
    Mens Advanced 145
    Willie Nixdorf Midway Judo 1st
    Eric Dorland 2nd
    Carlos Gallego Doc's Gym 3rd
    Mens Advanced 161
    Abbas Abasov Doc's Gym 1st
    Andy Paguay Doc's Gym 2nd
    Randy Phraviseth Doc's Gym 3rd
    Mens Advanced 178
    Edward Eubanks Twin Cities Judo 1st
    Greg Schuneman Doc's Gym 2nd
    Mens Advanced <220
    Francis Bart Midway Judo 1st
    Malcolm Boyd Iowa State University 2nd
    David Buenano Doc's Gym 3rd
    Masters Light
    Carlos Gallego Doc's Gym 1st
    David Meyer SF Hapkido 2nd
    Masters Mid
    Zaur Jalil Doc's Gym 1st
    Randy Phraviseth Doc's Gym 2nd
    William Bishop Midway Judo 3rd
    Masters Heavy
    Kyle Wagner Doc's Gym 1st
    Francis Bart Midway Judo 2nd
    Joshua Wakefield 3rd

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