Pan American Championships INFANTILE

Nov 8, 2019 - Nov 9, 2019 |


    Team USA wins seven Gold, seven Silver, fifteen Bronze, fifteen 5th Place, and seven 7th Place Finishes at the Infantile Pan American Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico.




    Gold 		Henry Parsadanian (-31kg)
    Gold		Alan Salguero (-34kg)
    Gold		Anthony Farnot (-47kg)
    Silver		Kevin Do Carmo (-42kg)
    Bronze		William Gomes (-28kg)
    Bronze		Jacob Tamai (-34kg)
    Bronze		Jorge Fernandes (-38kg)
    Bronze		Jonathan Yang (-42kg)
    5th Place	Ronson Murillo (-28kg)
    5th Place	Tyler Higashi (-34kg)
    5th Place	Jayden Sanchez (-38kg)
    5th Place	Jared Navarro (-42kg)
    5th Place	Tristen Moss (-47kg)
    5th Place	Kevin Purevdorj (-47kg)
    5th Place	Jonathan Teramoto (+52kg)
    7th Place	Garrett Yanagi (-31kg)



    Gold		Malia Manibog (-34kg)
    Silver		Cassie Itatani (-28kg)
    Silver		Mary Minogue (-31kg)
    Silver 		Audrey Tamanaha (-38kg)
    Bronze		Adriana Daoang (-28kg)
    Bronze		Samantha Garcia (-34kg)
    Bronze		Camille Rainey (-47kg)
    Bronze		Ankhbayer Chagnaadorj (-52kg)
    5th Place	Elisea Hamilton (-28kg)
    5th Place	Chloe Obuhanych (-38kg)
    5th Place	Lynn Horn (-47kg)
    5th Place	Rebekah Masterson (-47kg)
    5th Place	Abby Baquera (-52kg)
    5th Place	Brinley Jackson (-52kg)
    7th Place	Marielle Keum (-38kg)



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