May 25, 2018 Grand Prix Hohhot

May 25, 2018 - May 27, 2018 |

Day 1

In the first day of the Hohhot Grand Prix, 12th ranked Angelica Delgado (-52kg) won her first two matches against 34th ranked Tinka Easton of Australia and 19th ranked Betina Temelkova of Israel. After losing her third fight by ippon to 5th ranked and 17 year old, Uta Abe from Japan, Delgado faced 37th ranked Da Sol Park of Korea who submitted her with a juji-gatame to earn a 5th place finish.

Ashlyn White (-48kg) lost her first fight to 73rd ranked Sephora Corcher of France.

Leilani Akiyama (-57kg) lost her first fight to Christa Deguchi of Canada who would go on to win the Gold medal in the category.


Day 2

Lauren De Smidt (-63kg) lost her first fight to 46th ranked Yasmine Horlaville of France.

In her first fight of the day, Hannah Martin (-63kg) lost to Han Liu of China.

Chantal Wright (-70kg) lost her first fight to 31st ranked Aoife Coughlan of Australia.


Nicholas Delpopolo (-73kg) fought and lost his first match against number 1 ranked judoka Soichi Hashimoto of Japan.

Alexander Turner (-73kg) won his first fight against 27th ranked Ahmed El Meziati of Morocco, but then lost his second match to 14th ranked Tsogthbaatar Tsend-Ochir of Mongolia.

Jack Hatton (-81kg) lost his first match to Alexios Ntanatsidis of Greece.

Ruben Martin (-81kg) lost his first match to 34th ranked Takeshi Sasaki of Japan who would go on to win the Gold medal in the category.


Day 3

24th ranked Colton Brown (-90kg) won his first two matches against Xuewen Wang of China and 21st ranked Zachary Burt of Canada. After losing his third round to35th ranked Jesper Smink of the Netherland, Colton would be defeated once again by Theodoros Tselidis of Greece to earn 7th place in the category.

L.A. Smith III (-100kg) won his first fight of day three against 54th ranked Saidzhalol Saidov of Tajikistan, but then fell in his second match to 72nd ranked Daiki Nishiyama of Japan.