World Police and Fire Games

Jun 27, 2015 - Jun 27, 2015 |


    Division Place Name of Competitor Country
    18+ Women's -52Kg      
      1st Place Thoudam, Kalpana Devi India
      2nd Place Wu, Pei-Lun Taiwan
      3rd Place Galerne, Cynthia France
    18+ Women's -63Kg      
      1st Place Androutsou, Dimitra Greece
      2nd Place Gurtsieva, Margarita Russia
      3rd Place Laishram, Nirupama Devi India
      3rd Place Badurova, Kamila Russia
    18+ Women's -78Kg      
      1st Place Brata, Rebeca-Lavinia Romania
      2nd Place Jiven-Truesdale, Grace USA
      3rd Place Bhargwat, Nidhi India
      3rd Place Lu, Ching Ying Taiwan
    18+ Women's +78Kg      
      1st Place Wu, Mei-Ling Taiwan
      2nd Place Kaur, Rajwinder India
    18+ Men's -60Kg      
      1st Place Roman, Gorshenin Russia
      2nd Place Sumya, Batgal Mongolia
      3rd Place Leung, Kin Pui Hong Kong
    18+ Men's -66Kg      
      1st Place Tuko, Dmitry Russia
      2nd Place Chen, Li Huan Taiwan
      3rd Place Arakaki, Renan Brazil
    18+ Men's -73Kg      
      1st Place Huang, Chen-Hsiang Taiwan
      2nd Place Tistuleasa, Mihai Romania
      3rd Place Sitarek, Adam Poland
      3rd Place Shepalev, Maksim Russia
    18+ Men's -81Kg      
      1st Place Shmakov, Ilia Russia
      2nd Place Bardaxoglou, Nicolas Belgium
      3rd Place Salmanov, Salim Azerbaijan
      3rd Place Macedo De Brito, Cristiano Brazil
    18+ Men's -90Kg      
      1st Place Grigorev, Aleksandr Russia
      2nd Place Heidlage, James USA
      3rd Place Volker, Mathias Germany
      3rd Place Antoniou, Christos Greece
    18+ Men's -100Kg      
      1st Place Bitiev, David Russia
      2nd Place Magomedov, Khaibula Russia
      3rd Place Vaz Da Silva, Marcelo Brazil
      3rd Place Junior, Isac Bispo Dos Santo Brazil
    18+ Men's +100Kg      
      1st Place Roman, Bobikov Russia
      2nd Place Sarenac, Nedjo Canada
      3rd Place Chang, Chia-Jung Taiwan
      3rd Place Duhs, Blaine USA
    30+ Men's -60Kg      
      1st Place Chana, Navjot India
      2nd Place Matsumoto, Mickey USA
      3rd Place Alcivar, Elvis USA
    30+ Men's -66Kg      
      1st Place Khovanskiy, Sergey Russia
      2nd Place Paschalidis, Panagi Greece
      3rd Place Ban, Kevin Canada
      3rd Place Shamkhalov, Amir Russia
    30+ Men's -73Kg      
      1st Place Kaitmazov, Batradz Russia
      2nd Place Sorica, Constantin Dragos Romania
      3rd Place Viejo Tellez, Ignacio Spain
      3rd Place Rached Kassem Said El Hay, Bahjet Brazil
      3rd Place Amaro, Ricardo Brazil
    30+ Men's -81Kg      
      1st Place Ibishov, Elshan Azerbaijan
      2nd Place Ilia, Razumov Russia
      3rd Place Giacon, Claudio Brazil
      3rd Place Sasaki, Igor Brazil
    30+ Men's -90Kg      
      1st Place Panzic, Hrvoje Croatia
      2nd Place Kasatov, Pavel Russia
      3rd Place Shiroma, Lane USA
      3rd Place Schulze, Roberto Brazil
    30+ Men's -100Kg      
      1st Place Niesecke, Stefan Germany
      2nd Place Krisiuk, Igor Russia
      3rd Place Cherif, Gregory France
    30+ Men's +100Kg      
      1st Place Arslanov, Rustem Russia
      2nd Place Niesecke, Stefan Germany
      3rd Place Pal, Jitender India
      3rd Place McNitt, John USA
    40+ Men's -66Kg      
      1st Place Cena, Anton Kosovo
      2nd Place Horton, Sean USA
      3rd Place Chan, Wai Cheung Hong Kong
    40+ Men's -73Kg      
      1st Place Sene, Gabriel Canada
      2nd Place Merino, Paulo Sergio Brazil
      3rd Place Costa, Marcus Brazil
      3rd Place Sitarek, Albert Pawel Poland
    40+ Men's -81Kg      
      1st Place Marverti, Fernando Italy
      2nd Place Chen, Ying-Long Taiwan
      3rd Place Munoz Matias, Juan Carlos Spain
      3rd Place Lugue Cruz, Pedro Spain
    40+ Men's -90Kg      
      1st Place Safanov, Vadim Russia
      2nd Place Tsaparas, Ionnis Greece
      3rd Place Sadar, Gregory USA
      3rd Place Clark, Robert USA
    40+ Men's -100Kg      
      1st Place Petrakis, Georgios Greece
      2nd Place Montgomery, Mark Ireland
      3rd Place Radu, Remus Viorel Romania
      3rd Place Stapic, Rino Croatia
    40+ Men's +100Kg      
      1st Place Zhandarov, Askar Kazakhstan
      2nd Place Stanizewski, Mark USA
      3rd Place Bobst, John USA
      3rd Place Alexander, David Great Britian
    50+ Men's -81Kg      
      1st Place Wagner, Jurgen Germany
      2nd Place Swartjes, Sebastiaan Netherlands
      3rd Place Bocanegra Gutierrez, Jorge Spain
      3rd Place Lonis, Themis USA
    50+ Men's -90Kg      
      1st Place Kalinin, Andrei Russia
      2nd Place Grishin, Andrei Russia
      3rd Place Maxwell, John New Zealand
    50+ Men's -100Kg      
      1st Place Constantin, Gotca Romania
      2nd Place Presnov, Yuri Russia
      3rd Place Ashcraft, Vince USA
      3rd Place Derek, Spencer Great Britian
    50+ Men's +100Kg      
      1st Place Bacon, James USA
      2nd Place Difranza, Gregory USA
      3rd Place Kempf, Dieter Germany
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