US Open Veterans Championships

Jul 19, 2015 - Jul 19, 2015 |

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The following are the results for the 2015 US Open Veterans Championship held at

VETERANS Category Divisions:

            Contestant’s Name, Country, Hometown, Club Name


DIVISION: M9 Men Veterans 73kg

  1. Steve Hwang, United States, Santa Ana, CA, Nori Bunasawa Kei
  2. Steve Thardy, United States, Homestead, GL, Falcon


DIVISION: M9 Men Veterans 90kg

  1. James Kinder, United States, Kinnelon, New Jersey, Camal Judo


DIVISION M8 Men Veterans 66kg

  1. Malik Yessenbayev, Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan Judo Fed.


DIVISION: M7 Men Veterans 73kg

  1. Sandy North, United States, Hollywood, FL, Budokan
  2. Robert Bendtsen, United States, Ham Lake, FL, Midway Judo Club

DIVISION: M7 Men Veterans 81kg

  1. Gary Foster, United States, Chanhassen, MN , Midway Judo Club


DIVISION: M6 Men Veterans 73kg

  1. Paul Tarrant, United States, Chesterbrook,PA, Liberty Bell Judo


DIVISION: M6 Men Veterans 81kg

  1. Enrique Auvert, United States, Kolechkine Judo


DIVISION: M5 Men Veterans 73kg

  1. Monty Mani, United States, Northglenn Judo Club
  2. DIVISION: M5 Men Veterans 81kg
  3. Joseph Ragan, United States, Ridgewood, NJ, USA Stars


DIVISION: M5 Men Veterans 90kg

  1. Andre Campos, United States, Flossmore, Powersource
  2. A. Carlo Guadagno, United States


DIVISION: M5 Men Veterans 100kg

  1. Lucky Marshall, United States, Ridge Manor, FL, Florida School of Judo



DIVISION: M5 Men Veterans +100kg

  1. Alexandre Lopouchanski, United States, Budokan Judo Club
  2. William Perron, United States, Fort Worth, TX, Fort Worth Judo


DIVISION: M4 Men Veterans 81kg

  1. Ulanol Felskydes-Arges, Brazil
  2. Alfredo Perez, United States


DIVISION: M4 Men Veterans +100kg

  1. Sergey Alimzhanoo, Kazakhstan


DIVISION: M3 Men Veterans 73kg

  1. Luis Rodriguez, United States, Ricardo Tueno Judo Club
  2. Alejandro Casuso, United States, Miramar, FL, Mambi Judo Club
  3. Artem Durnev, United States, Coralville, IA, University of Iowa Judo


DIVISION: M3 Men Veterans 81kg

  1. Jose Duarte, United States, Hialeah FL, Budokan Judo


DIVISION: M3 Men Veterans 100kg

  1. Richard Henderson, United States, Valrico, FL, Florida School of Judo
  2. Sheridan Simmond, United States, Katy, TX, Weslake Judo
  3. Rafael Crespo, United States, Apopka, FL, Orlando


DIVISION: M2 Men Veterans 60kg

  1. Babak Esmaeili, United States, Scottsdale, AZ, Southwest Judo


DIVISION: M2 Men Veterans 100kg

  1. Jesus Bonilla, United States, Brooklyn NY, Gentleway Masters Judo Club  


DIVISION: M1 Men Veterans +100kg

  1. Peter Stanley, United States, Clifton Park  NY, Jason Morris Judo Center


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