2014 Pan American Infantile Championships

Oct 31, 2014 - Nov 2, 2014 |

    Day One

    Under 13 year - Females

    Brie Bella -28 kg  Silver

    Christina Valledor -31 kg Silver

    Renata Vincent -34 know Silver

    Sasha Morales -38 kg Silver

    Trinity Picklo -38 kg 5th

    Tasha Cancela -42 kg Gold

    Alessa Pimentel -47 kg Silver

    Melissa Herrera -52 kg Silver

    Isabella Garriga 52+  Bronze

    Under 13 years - Males

    Anthony Portal -31 kg Silver

    Angel Cambara -34 kg Silver

    Javier Lacaba -38 kg Gold

    Isaiah Ramirez -42 kg Gold

    Alexander Knauf -47 kg Silver

    Benjamin Levin -52 kg Gold

    Eric Katrdzhyan -52 kg Bronze

    Thomas Grigorian 52+ Silver

    Carlos Manzano 52+ Bronze

    Total count 4 gold, 10 silver, 3 bronze and 1 fifth from 18 players

    2nd Team Overall

    Day Two


    Giovanna Prado

    Daniel Pavlov


    Jackson Butler

    Sergio Aguilar

    Isaac Oksman

    Mia Liu


    Albert Williams

    Leon Simakov

    Tommy Mcdonald

    Elaine Fernandez

    Caitlin Green

    Olivia Crimaldi

    5th place

    Ana Rayon

    Marissa Gallegos

    Marlina Luz

    Elizabeth Wright

    Nicholas Rodriguez

    Eric Two Lance

    Charles Roche

    USA place second on second day and second place over all

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