Pan American Open Chile

Jul 26, 2014 - Jul 27, 2014 |

    Team USA is currently in Santiago, Chile’s capital, at the first IJF event ever held in the country. Day 1 of the tournament has concluded and our team’s performance for the day was successful with three medals: 2 silver and one bronze. Congratulations!



    2nd Place: KUNIHIRO, Aaron -60 kg

    3rd Place: DESILETS, Everet -73 kg


    2nd Place: DELGADO, Angelica -52 kg

    2nd Place: CARMICHAEL, Hana -57 kg

    On day 2 of the Pan American Open in Santiago, Chile, Team USA finished the tournament with great results. Our athletes represented well as they collected 3 silver and 5 bronze medals throughout the weekend.



    3nd Place: BROWN, Colton -90 kg

    3rd Place: TADEHARA, Ajax -100 kg

    3rd Place: IMINOV, Akbarzhan +100 kg


    3rd Place: AKIYAMA, Leilani -63 kg

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