USA Judo Membership Update

by Keith Bryant

Dear USA Judo Members,

As a valued member of USA Judo, we are informing you of the “Your Choice” participation and membership options that are being offered to support USA Judo sanctioned event organizers and the broader American judo community, following the expiration of the American Judo Alliance Agreement on March 14, 2023. 

Your Choice Participation / Membership Plan

USA Judo understands the stress that this change has caused many and wants to support its events and individual judokas, despite the bureaucracy of U.S. judo organizations. As such, USA Judo is offering this new initiative to continue the growth of participation at USA Judo events (up 46% in the last three years) which will be in effect from today until December 31, 2023.

Please be on the lookout for additional programs and services announced by USA Judo in the weeks ahead to provide additional value to you as a USA Judo member and to help grow judo in America.

We thank you for being a USA Judo member and kindly ask for your continued support as we enter this new landscape of judo in the USA.

Please contact us with questions at 719-866-4730 or

With gratitude,

Keith Bryant
Chief Executive Officer