Jenna Schurr Wins Bronze in Hong Kong

by Nicole Jomantas

(Colorado Springs, CO) – Jenna Schurr (Torrance, CA) holds a special place in her heart for the Hong Kong Asian Open.  

2023 Hong Kong Asian Open Results

In 2019, the tournament was the site of Schurr’s first major international medal – a bronze medal secured six months after reaching the 48 kg podium at Senior Nationals for the first time.

Four years later, Schurr is the reigning Senior National Champion who represented Team USA for the first time at the Senior Pan American Championships in September and returned to the podium in Hong Kong on Saturday for a second bronze.

Schurr won her first match against King Wai Kwok (HKG) in the first round and advanced to the semifinals where she lost to Maryam March Maharani (INA) – a fifth-place finisher at this year’s Asian Games.

In the bronze medal final, Schurr earned her win over 2022 Junior World Team member Yee Lam Elim Chan (HKG).

Schurr’s teammate, Jay Shimizu (Los Angeles, CA), came one win away from winning his first Continental Open medal with a fifth-place finish.

After a bye into the round of 16, Shimizu defeated 2023 Junior World Team member Chak Hin Lam (HKG). Shimizu lost his quarter-final match to 2023 Taipei Asian Open silver medalist Chanwoo Park (KOR), but came back in the repechage to defeat Mounis Hawsawi (KSA) who was coming off a bronze medal win at the Montreal Pan Am Open last weekend. In the bronze medal final, however, Shimizu lost to Dinmukhanbet Hamenov (KAZ).

Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Men’s 60 kg
1. Sumiyabazar Enkhtaivan (MGL)
2. Ulykbek Abilkhaiyr (KAZ)
3. Jiwon Oh (KOR)
3. Muhammad Fathur Rohman (INA)
5. Pedro Carlos Antun Neto (AUS)
5. Habib Hasan (KUW)
7. Yuk Yu Lam (HKG)
7. Mohamad Nur Iman Mohd Faizal (MAS)

Women’s 48 kg
1. Ka Lee Wong (HKG)
2. Songrim Heo (KOR)
3. Anneliese Fielder (AUS)
3. Wan Yee Lau (HKG)
5. Wai Sum Lau (HKG)
5. Lok Yi Ho (HKG)
7. Isabel Dos Santos (AUS)

Men’s 66 kg
1. Dongheon Kim (KOR)
2. Chanwoo Park (KOR)
3. Nursultan Zhubatkan (KAZ)
3. Dinmukhanbet (KAZ)
5. Jay Shimizu (Los Angeles, CA)
5. Jinwon Woo (KOR)        
7. Martin Lau (HGK)
7. Mounis Hawsawi (KSA)

Women’s 52 kg
1. Jiyeon Kim (KOR)
2. Maryam March Maharani (INA)
3. Lea Buet (SEN)
3. Jenna Schurr (Torrance, CA)
5. Yee Lam Elim Chan (HKG)  
5. King Wai Kwok (HKG)

Men’s 73 kg
1. Donghyun Bae (KOR)
2. Daehyeon Kim (KOR)
3. Minsu Kim (KOR)
3. Masayuki Terada (THA)
5. Keisei Nakano (PHI)
5. Seokjoon Jeon (KOR)
7. Patryk Wawrzyczek (POL)
7. Haozheng Chen (MAC)

Also Competed: Cole Chandler (Honolulu, Hawaii / Hawaii Tenri), 0-1

Women’s 57 kg
1. Nok Lam Yeung (HKG)
2. Chaerim Hong (KOR)
3. Ni-Erh Ko (TPE)

Men’s 81 kg
1. Askerbii Gerkbekov (BRN)
2. Jun Hyun Park (KOR)
3. Kwok Wing Lee (HKG)
3. Amir Daniel Bin Abdul Majeed (MAS)  
5. Seungmin Kim (KOR)
5. Max Stewart (JAM)
7. Luke Press (AUS)
7. Jeongwan Yun (KOR)

Women’s 63 kg
1. Maeve Coughlan (AUS)
2. Yujeong Kim (KOR)
3. Lai Man Tang (MAC)
3. Yunah Song (KOR)
5. Ching Tung Suzuki Lin (HKG)
5. Syerina (INA)
7. Ching Man Mak (HKG)

Men’s 90 kg  
1. Kim Moonsoo (KOR)
2. Danny Vojnikovich (AUS)
3. Jungsoo Kim (KOR)
3. Namhoon Lee (KOR)
5. Byeonghyeon Yu (KOR)
5. Changmin Park (KOR)
7. Seungil Choi (KOR)
7. Sulim Maraev (BRN)

Women’s 70 kg
1. Seeun Park (KOR)
2. Ian I Lei (MAC)

Men’s 100 kg
1. Seheon Kim (KOR)
2. Hyeonjong Yu (KOR)
3. Hangyeol Jung (KOR)

Women’s 78 kg
1. Minju Kim (KOR)   
2. Abigail Paduch (AUS)

Men’s +100 kg
1. Woohyeok Song (KOR)
2. Minseong Kim (KOR)
3. Gede Agastya Darma Wardana (INA)
3. Perenleijamts Usukhbayar (MGL)
5. Minhyun Seo (KOR)
5. Karl Stefansson (ISL)