IJF Certificates


    Last Name First Name Rank Country Date Certificate Number
    Adams Patricia Sandan USA 1/30/2013 01302013-PJC/USA-047
    Alaynick Charles K. Nidan USA 9/6/2013 09062013-PJC/USA-063
    Alaynick Meredith A. Nidan USA 9/6/2013 09062013-PJC/USA-064
    Alaynick Christopher S. Shodan USA 11/1/2013 02102014-PJC/USA-078
    Alaynick Alexander N. Shodan USA 11/1/2013 02102014-PJC/USA-079
    Andreu Andres Shodan USA 12/14/2010 12142010-PJC/USA-001
    Andreu Andres Nidan USA 5/7/2012 05072012-PJC/USA-028
    Appelbaum Mel Hachidan USA 6/5/2012 06052012-PJC/USA-034
    Balestrieri Louis A. Shodan USA 3/20/2011 03202011-PJC/USA-003
    Becerra Humberto Hachidan USA 10/30/2013 10302013-PJC/USA-069
    Bendtsen Robert Shodan USA 9/29/2011 09292011-PJC/USA-012
    Berlin David Shodan USA 7/16/2013 07162013-PJC/USA-060
    Bost Joseph Godan USA 9/3/2012 09032012-PJC/USA-041
    Bouton Charles G. Nidan USA 11/4/2013 11042013-PJC/USA-075
    Catanese Anthony Joseph Yodan USA 9/29/2011 09292011-PJC/USA-010
    Catanese Anthony Godan USA 2/7/2013 02072013-PJC/USA-048
    Charmichael Gregory Yodan USA 1/11/2012 01112012-PJC/USA-019
    Cicero Angel Shodan USA 10/18/2013 10182013-PJC/USA-068
    Clark C. Douglas Yodan USA 10/31/2013 10312013-PJC/USA-074
    Cohen Devin Yodan USA 2/17/2012 02172012-PJC/USA-027
    Colgan James J. Kudan USA 6/5/2012 06052012-PJC/USA-037
    Connelly Andrew Hachidan USA 2/7/2013 02072013-PJC/USA-051
    Connelly Edie Godan USA 2/7/2013 02072013-PJC/USA-052
    Connolly John Joseph Shodan USA 10/31/2013 10312013-PJC/USA-072
    Costa Frank Rokudan USA 3/28/2014 03282014-PJC/USA-083
    Czech Paul J. Shodan USA 10/15/2013 10152013-PJC/USA-067
    Dang Ryan Nidan USA 9/29/2011 09292011-PJC/USA-013
    Danieluc Dan Sandan USA 10/30/2013 10302013-PJC/USA-071
    Delvalle Earl R. Yodan USA 8/9/2011 08092011-PJC/USA-007
    Diaz Pedro Shodan USA 11/10/2012 11102012-PJC/USA-044
    Dong Low Rokudan USA 1/20/2013 01202013-PJC/USA-046
    Evenbach Vadim Shodan USA 1/11/2012 01112012-PJC/USA-020
    Font Ruben Rokudan USA 10/24/2012 10242012-PJC/USA-043
    Green John Yodan USA 6/7/2013 06072013-PJC/USA-056
    Green John Godan USA 2/24/2022 02242022-PJC/USA-085
    Grenet Ernesto Sandan USA 6/7/2013 06072013-PJC/USA-058
    Hudson Lazeric F Shodan USA 6/24/2011 01062011-PJC/USA-004
    Jayne John Yodan USA 7/21/2020 07212020-PJC/USA-084
    John Thiago P. Shodan USA 8/16/2011 08162011-PJC/USA-008
    John Thiago P. Sandan USA 5/7/2012 05072012-PJC/USA-033
    Kolychkine Pedro Godan USA 9/15/2012 09152012-PJC/USA-038
    Labrador Larry Shichidan USA 5/7/2012 05072012-PJC/USA-030
    Labrador Edward G. Sandan USA 2/10/2014 02102014-PJC/USA-080
    Lahner Terri M. Sandan USA 10/3/2011 10032011-PJC/USA-014
    Lee Daniel Sandan USA 9/15/2012 09152012-PJC/USA-042
    Long John E Shodan USA 1/11/2012 01112012-PJC/USA-023
    Lorusso Ralph Shodan USA 6/7/2013 06072013-PJC/USA-055
    Luescher Jeremy Shodan USA 10/4/2013 10042013-PJC/USA-065
    Lutes Jr. Richard Shodan USA 12/10/2013 12102013-PJC/USA-076
    Madron John Shodan USA 3/29/2013 03292013-PJC/USA-049
    Martin Billy Rokudan USA 6/5/2012 06052012-PJC/USA-036
    Matrisciani Robert Shodan USA 9/10/2012 09102012-PJC/USA-040
    McMahon Christopher Yodan USA 1/11/2012 01112012-PJC/USA-025
    Mesa Lorenzo Shichidan USA 5/7/2012 05072012-PJC/USA-031
    Mesa Jr. Lorenzo Yodan USA 12/6/2012 12062012-PJC/USA-044
    Nading Patricia Shodan USA 1/11/2012 01112012-PJC/USA-022
    Neeley John J. Shodan USA 5/7/2012 05072012-PJC/USA-032
    Nerio Katsuji Rokudan USA 2/10/2014 02102014-PJC/USA-081
    Nicolao Leonardo Shodan USA 3/7/2014 03072014-PJC/USA-082
    Ortuno Pascual Shodan USA 9/29/2011 09292011-PJC/USA-009
    Phoenix Alexius S. Shodan USA 10/13/2011 10132011-PJC/USA-015
    Pierce Randy K. Shichidan USA 10/13/2011 10132011-PJC/USA-018
    Ragan Joseph Nidan USA 2/1/2012 02012012-PJC/USA-026
    Ramos Bradford Nidan USA 10/13/2011 10132011-PJC/USA-017
    Rodriguez Edgardo Sandan USA 10/15/2013 10152013-PJC/USA-066
    Saavedra Henry Godan USA 3/5/2013 03052013-PJC/USA-047
    Sanfilippo Jon W. Shichidan USA 4/29/2013 04292013-PJC/USA-050
    Seabasty Thomas Shichidan USA 3/4/2011 03042011-PJC/USA-002
    Sinclair Vincent Shodan USA 6/7/2013 06072013-PJC/USA-053
    Smith Ernest Hachidan USA 6/1/2011 01062011-PJC/USA-005
    Snyder Edward J. Yodan USA 10/31/2013 10312013-PJC/USA-073
    Staniszewski Mark Yodan USA 12/6/2012 12062012-PJC/USA-045
    Tata Gaiv Sandan USA 9/4/2013 09042013-PJC/USA-062
    Tom Lillian Sandan USA 6/7/2013 06072013-PJC/USA-059
    Trasorras Rene Joseph Shodan USA 2/10/2014 02102014-PJC/USA-077
    Uchida Yoshihiro Judan USA 9/4/2013 09042013-PJC/USA-061
    Vessichio Jerome Rokudan USA 6/5/2012 06052012-PJC/USA-035
    Voelker Bruce Godan USA 10/13/2011 10132011-PJC/USA-024
    Waterman Urbane Shodan USA 1/11/2012 01112012-PJC/USA-021
    Whalen Mark Shodan USA 9/29/2011 09292011-PJC/USA-011
    Whipkey Edward Lee Shodan USA 6/7/2013 06072013-PJC/USA-054
    Wilson Carl R. Sandan USA 8/9/2011 08092011-PJC/USA-006
    Wooldridge Jessica Lynn Shodan USA 10/30/2013 10302013-PJC/USA-070
    Zimkowski Anthony Rokudan USA 9/15/2012 09152012-PJC/USA-039
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