This free and important online program is provided by the USA Center for Disease Control (CDC) is available at, or, simply log in to your profile at, on the left hand side you will see a button titled "Concussion Training". This will take you directly to the CDC “Heads Up” course. Once you have uploaded your certificate, your profile will automatically be updated to reflect the certification. Please maintain a copy of your certificate in your files as well. CDC “Heads Up’ Certificates are valid for a period of 2 years. The CDC “Heads Up” Program is the only course that will be recognized for USA Judo Coach Certification. For ease and convenience, please add this step to your checklist when you apply for your background screen and renew your Safesport Certification every two years.

2019 USA Judo Coach Certification registration is now available. To apply or renew, please use the form located in the Coaches Section of Individuals must hold the rank of Sr. Brown Belt and above for State Level Certification. For more information or assistance regarding USA Judo Coach Certification, please contact Mr. Patrick Burris at