First-Time National Events Participants

    For those of you who are new to a USA Judo national event, it is important that you understand that this is a national event, where roster points are involved and at certain events, it is a team trial. USA Judo national events are unlike any local or regional event you have probably attended, and we hope that this information will help prepare you for a great national event experience!  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and understanding the process will help ensure your athlete has the best experience possible.

    Entry Packet / Online Registration

    • Read and understand the entry packet – the information found in the entry packet will be referenced often.
    • Competition is based on year of birth and weight, not how old an athlete is. Athletes cannot be moved up or down unless the event allows for it or a waiver has been submitted and approved by USA Judo.
    • If you successfully registered for the event online, you will receive an email confirmation of the event registration. If you do not, call USA Judo at 719-866-4730.

    Check-In Process

    • It is your and/or your athlete’s responsibility to ensure that all information is correct on the paperwork.
    • Ensuring the athlete is in the correct category/weight is your responsibility. Please do not ask us to select a category/weight for your athlete.  If you need assistance, please check with your coach on this matter.
    • Changes can only be made during the check-in process, not at weigh in or after official weigh in.
    • Don’t let your child check him or herself in. 
    • If you believe you pre-registered, but are not on the online event entry list, please see the on-site registration staff and/or event director immediately.
    • Know when the check-in/registration is scheduled, changes can only be made during this time period.


    • Read the posted Weigh in Procedures and understand them prior to getting on the official scale.
    • An athlete may get on the unofficial scale as many times as he or she wants if the event allows for it (check the event packet for details). 
    • Not only can you miss weight by being too heavy, you can miss weight by being too light. Know what your weight category is (information can be found in the entry packet).
    • Changes to your weight category cannot be made during the weigh-in process. They must be made at the check-in process prior to going to official weigh-in.

    • Make sure that you read what your official weight is and that it is recorded correctly on the weigh in sheet prior to you initialing the sheet.

    • If you have missed weight, go to registration/check-in to determine your options.

    • Only same gender is allowed in the respective weigh in rooms and NO NAKED WEIGH INS ARE ALLOWED.


    • The draw is where athletes will be put into their respective categories and weight based on their entry and/or changes at check-in.
    • A list of registered athletes and categories will be posted at the event and online for approximately one hour prior to the draw.
    • We are human and mistakes can be made. We need your help to verify that your athlete is in the correct category/weight based on entry and check-in.
    • If you feel there is an issue with your athlete, you must contact a USA Judo staff member immediately during the one-hour posting period.
    • This one-hour period is for corrections to any changes that were made during the check-in/registration period, NOT new changes.
    • Failure to notify a USA Judo staff member during the one-hour period may result in your athlete not  competing.
    • Changes will not be made after theonehour posting period.
    • It is your/athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they are in the correct category/weight at the draw.

    The USA Judo staff does get busy; however, you are not bothering us if you have questions! We encourage you to ask questions!

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