2023 Colorado Open Judo Championships

Oct 14, 2023 - Oct 14, 2023 | Denver, CO, USA

    Saturday, October 21, 2023.

    The Event will consist of Junior, Senior, Veterans and Kata.

    USA Judo Sanctioned Event - #00399

    Date: 10/14/2023

    Venue: Foothills Field House

    Address: 3606 S Independence St, Denver, CO 80235

    All registration will be on-line atShiai Prices:

    Due Date

    1st Category

    Additional Categories

    Online registration by October 7th, 2023



    Walk up registration (seniors and masters only)



    Kata Prices (per team)

    Due Date

    1st Category

    Additional Categories

    Online registration by October 7th, 2023



    Walk up registration



    On Line Registration: www.smoothcomp.com

    Walk up Registrations (at the competition venue):


    Saturday, October 14th

    Kata – 7:30am to 8:00am

    Seniors and Veterans Shiai - 11:00am to 12:00pm.


    a. Juniors only - Saturday, October 14th, 7:30 – 8:30am at the tournament site.

    b. Seniors and Veterans – October 14th, 11:00am – 12:00pm at the tournament site

    c. Coaches are asked to submit their athlete’s weights to matt.rogers1257@gmail.com by Friday, 10/13/2023 at noon. The weights informed will be used to speed up bracketing.

    According to USA Judo regulations, submission of weights does NOT exempt the athletes from weighing in at the venue, NOR does it mean the athletes are registered to compete. All athletes are subject to weight verification at the venue.

    Kata: 8:30am


    Junior Categories: not before 9:30am

    Senior, Veterans: not before 1:00pm

    Open competition. Contestants from all states are welcome.Insurance• All contestants must be currently registered and insured with one of the following national organizations: USA Judo• Proof of membership and insurance will be verified at check-in.• If the registration card is lost, Colorado Judo League can only verify USA Judo (USJI) membership of athletes in Colorado.• You will be able to acquire a USA Judo Membership at the tournament site during registration.DUE TO THE DISSOLUTION OF THE USA JUDO/USJA/USJF JOINTSANCTIONING AGREEMENT, NON-USA JUDO MEMBERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT ONLY BY SIGNING THE UNINSURED PARTICIPANT WAIVER. INDIVIDUALS WHO SIGN THIS WAIVER WILL NOT BE COVERED BY USA JUDO INSURANCE FOR THIS EVENT. PLEASE READ THE WAIVER CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING.

    a. IJF 2018-2021 rules will be in effect. Rules will be modified for local competition as described below:

    i. Medical evaluation during the contest does not result in disqualification of the competitor.

    d. Elimination System

    More than 5 competitors: Modified double elimination

    5 or fewer competitors: Round Robin elimination

    e. Judogi

    • All competitors MUST have a white judogi that meet IJF requirements.

    • The use of blue judogi is optional but encouraged especially for the open divisions. Competitors called to the “white” side MUST wear white, and will not be allowed to compete in a blue judogi.

    • Female competitors must wear a crewneck white t-shirt with no markings or embellishments under the judogi.

    • any athlete needing to change clothes/judo gi should do so in a restroom, locker room or other area specifically designated for changing.

    Contact Information for

    2023 Colorado Open Judo Championships

    Matt Rogers




    Heidi Moore