2023 Challenge of Champions

Oct 14, 2023 - Oct 14, 2023 | Jefferson City, MO, USA

    American Judo & Jefferson City Judo have teamed up to provide the best tournament experience possible. American Judo Shiai's are the perfect place for any judoka looking to gain experience in a competitive yet friendly tournament atmosphere. Our developmental tournament series offers as many matches as possible, so you can get the most out of your experience. With a modified rule set in place, everyone is sure to have a positive tournament experience. 

    FOR THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO: americanjudo.smoothcomp.com



    Date: 10/14/2023

    Venue: Jefferson City Judo Club & Jujitsu

    Address:  1301 Creek Trail Dr, Jefferson City, MO 65109

    Format: True Double Elimination or Round Robin for 5 or Less; All competitors are guaranteed 2 matches or your entry fee back.

    Age Standards: Age 4 and Up

    Competitors and coaches will need to present a vaild USA Judo, USJA, USJF or ATJA membership

    All States are Welcome!



    Below is a list of rules that are being modified from the IJF Rule Set. 

    The event guarantees athletes at least 2 matches or their entry fee will be refunded. 

    Tournament directors have the right to modify any IJF Rule they deem necessary during the event. 

    These events are designed to give the best possible experience for the athlete. Coaches and referees should work together to create a positive experience for athletes. 

    The focus of these events is the development and the emphasis is on positive judo (Throws, Pins, Armlocks, Chokes). 


    ·       Divisions Under 13 Years Old are 3 mins running time.

    ·       Divisions 13 & Over are 4 mins running time.

    ·       Golden Score

    ·       All U13 Years Old - 2 minutes // If nobody scores at the end of the Golden Score, the referee decides the winner

    ·       All U13 Years Old - Unlimited


    ·       Coaching is encouraged at all times during the matches. 

    ·       What does it mean to coach your athlete: 

    ·       All comments from the coach should be geared towards helping your athlete perform a judo technique.

    ·       As long as coaches are being a positive influence over the athlete they will be encouraged to continue coaching. 


    U13 Divisions:

    ·       Shido's will not be handed out for minor infractions

    ·       Referees will warn judoka about infractions and instruct them not to do so in the future. 

    ·       If a judoka gets 3 warnings for the same infraction they will lose the match. 

    ·       If a judoka gets 3 warnings for different infractions the match will continue. 

    13+ Divisions:

    ·       Referees will use their discretion to give penalties for stalling

    ·       Stalling can include - Running out of bounds, defensive posture, or any action deemed to prevent their opponent from positive judo.

    ·       If a judoka gets 3 warnings for the same infraction they will lose the match. 

    ·       If a judoka gets 3 warnings for different infractions the match will continue.


    ·       All competitors must wear a properly fitting gi. White & Blue Judo Gis are NOT Required.

    The head referee for this event will be John McDaniel


    Contact information for the 2023 Challenge of Champions:

    American Judo System / Jefferson City Judo



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