2023 Rainier Judo Championships

Oct 7, 2023 - Oct 7, 2023 | Lakewood, WA, USA

American Judo & Chu To Bu Brasa have teamed up to provide the best tournament experience possible. American Judo Shiai's are the perfect place for any judoka looking to gain experience in a competitive yet friendly tournament atmosphere. Our developmental tournament series offers as many matches as possible, so you can get the most out of your experience. With a modified rule set in place, everyone is sure to have a positive tournament experience. 

Date: 10/07/2023

Venue: Pierce College (Fort Steilacoom Campus)

Address: 9401 Farwest Drive SW Lakewood, Washington 98498

Format: Modified Double Elimination or Round Robin for 4 or Less; All competitors are guaranteed 2 matches or your entry fee back. 

Age Standards: Age 4 and Up

Competitors will need to present a valid USA Judo membership.

International competitors welcome!

Non-USA Judo Members Welcome!

Tournament Directors: Jason Harai, John Harai, Byron Redditt

Registration & Brackets: Riley McIlwain (American Judo)

Chief Referee: Brian Toth - IJF A referee

All States are Welcome!


Questions? Email Riley McIlwain at events@americanjudo.com.

Below is a list of rules that are being modified from the IJF Rule Set. 


The event guarantees athletes at least 2 matches or their entry fee will be refunded. 

Tournament directors have the right to modify any IJF Rule they deem necessary during the event. 

These events are designed to give the best possible experience for the athlete. Coaches and referees should work together to create a positive experience for athletes. 

Modified double elimination.

Round robin for four (4) or fewer competitors.

Wins count first and points count second in round robin divisions.

Ippon = 10 points, Waza-ari = 5 points, Hantei = 3 points, Hansoku-make = 10 points

International Judo Federation rules with the following modifications: 

Arm locks permitted - Senior brown/black belt divisions only.

Choking permitted - 13 years old and above.

Golden score - 2 minute time limit for golden score. Golden score will be used in all divisions.

Rest periods - Rest periods will not exceed the length of a match.

The CARE system will be used on all competition areas.

Co-ed competition for children 10 years old and younger may occur depending on the number of entries in those divisions.

Blue Judo Gi's are NOT REQUIRED for junior divisions but you must have a white Judo gi

Blue Judo Gi's WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL senior divisions including senior novice!!

Match times will be 4 minutes for women’s & men’s senior brown/black belt divisions.

Match times will be 3 minutes for senior novice & grand championship divisions

Match times will be 3 minutes for juniors 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17.

Match times will be 2 minutes for juniors 4-6, 7-8.

All athletes must be in Judo Gi to receive awards.

Coaching is encouraged at all times during the matches. 

What does it mean to coach your athlete: 

All comments from the coach should be geared towards helping your athlete perform a judo technique.

As long as coaches are being a positive influence over the athlete they will be encouraged to continue coaching. 

Contact information for the 

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