Disciplinary Actions

    USA Judo Disciplinary Actions

    The following is a list of individuals whose current or past USA Judo memberships have been suspended following sanctions by USA Judo, the U.S. Center for SafeSport or the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency or who have been deemed ineligible for USA Judo membership. These members or former members of USA Judo have lost all privileges, benefits and services such as Rank, Coaching Credentials, Club (Dojo) and Refereeing Certifications, as well as admittance to any sanctioned USA Judo events, such as camps, tournaments, meetings, clinics, USA Judo recognized clubs and seminars.

    For a list of individuals suspended individuals across all sports, visit the U.S. Center for SafeSport Disciplinary Actions website or the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency website. USA Judo also adheres to Disciplinary Actions by Reciprocity with the United States Judo Association, the United States Judo Federation and the American Traditional Jujutsu Association.

    NameCityState Action DateAdditional
    Humberto "Bert" Lopez MiamiFLTemporary Suspension 11/2/2023
    Johnny HoongClaremontCATemporary Restrictions10/31/2023Only permitted to coach and / or train athlete(s) while under the direct supervision of other, physically-present SafeSport-trained adult participants(s), as defined by the Code.
    Nina Cutro-KellySelmaTX2-Year Suspension by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, beginning April 12, 2023; Loss of Results obtained on and after Oct. 2, 20229/19/2023Barred from any competition or activity authorized or organized by USA Judo (or any other Code Signatory) including any activities authorized or organized by any member organization or club of USA Judo (or any other Code Signatory).
    Ruben Martin Jr.GranburyTX Ineligible6/1/2023

    Harry KendallDavisCA Temporary
    2/9/2023Only permitted to coach and/or train athlete(s) while under the direct supervision of other, physically-present SafeSport-trained adult participants(s), as defined by the Code. 
    Brandon PachecoLakewoodCOIneligible10/3/2022 
    Rex Everett Lanham III EmmettIDBanned8/16/2022 
    Orelvis Beltran Sr.Pembroke PinesFLTemporary
    8/12/2022Ineligible for membership and
    banned from all USA Judo
    sanctioned events and activities through Dec. 31, 2023.
    Everet Desilets RISuspension12/30/20215-year suspension beginning Aug. 9, 2021
    June EncarnacionKirklandWABanned12/6/2021 
    Micah BrooksHopeRIBanned2/23/2021 
    Shawn BrownVeniceFLBanned11/1/2017 
    Ryan RebmanSanta CruzCABanned2009 
    Paul HinkleyGermantownTNBanned2008 
    Daniel DoyleWesley ChapelFLBanned2007 
    Anthony Esposito IL / WIBanned  
    NameCityStateAction Date
    Victor Vartic CABanned2018
    Luke Reese INBanned2018
    Raymond WilliamsHoustonTXBanned12/1/2017
    Peter GaughenbaughAnthonyFLBanned9/16/2016
    John Watson IIIOntarioCABanned6/11/2010
    Fletcher ThorntonNapaCABanned9/9/2008
    William Glen LandoltRogersARBanned2008
    Everett (Buddy) Bower MABanned12/6/2006
    Alvin MiyatakeKailua-KonaHIBanned11/22/2006
    Harold WhittlePhoenixAZBanned9/18/2006
    Jackie Stern FLBanned2006
    Daniel Woltez (aka
    Wolzasz Daniel Taze,
    Daniel Wooly, Daniel
    Jeffery Howard,
    Ryan Jeffery Howett,
    Daniel Victor Pons,
    Daniel N. Taze, Nicholas
    Taze, Daniel Andrew Wooley)
     CA, HI, NV,
    other states
    Donald WrobelSouth BendINBanned9/30/1997
    Charles J. BairdShoemakersvillePABanned 
    Francisco Edwardo Casuso
    (aka Francisco Edwardo
    Causo Perez)
    Forest CityAZBanned 
    Dr. Carl De CreeTacomaWABanned 
    Jose FrancoOrtingWABanned 
    Robert Gelb CTBanned 
    Mickey Jeff Hughes TXBanned 
    David Leonard CABanned 
    Howard Lewis FLBanned 
    Benjamin Mills CABanned 
    Michael Overman NCBanned 
    Gregory RiceWhitcomb
    Jeffery Santella FLBanned 
    Adler VolmerCoral
    Travis Wilson Jr. SCBanned 
    Scott EvansVeniceFLTemporary
    Scott VancisesSun Gulf
    Dion RizzutoPensacolaFLTemporary
    Donald J. TyrellKnoxvilleTNTemporary
    NameCityState  Action Date
    Phong (Ryan) DangNorwalkCAPermanently prohibited
    from teaching/coaching
    minor females.
    Alvin MiyatakeKailua-KonaHIBanned11/22/2006
    Carl DeCree WABanned 
    Peter Mitchell
    Bret Holmes UTPermanently prohibited
    from teaching/coaching
    Jon Koomoa HIBanned 
    Raymond Williams TXBanned 
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