Foundations of Coaching On-Line Course

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August 24, 2020

One month ago today, the American Judo Alliance, consisting of USA Judo, US Judo Association and US Judo Federation, launched the American Judo Development Model (AJDM); a pathway to human and Judo excellence that is two-fold: age-based and skill-based. The skill-based advancement levels can accommodate entry to the sport at any age. However, the age-based Stage Model represents the core focus of the AJDM framework. AJDM allows ANYONE (parents, technical officials, volunteers etc.) to understand judo and athlete development at a foundational level.

The AJDM’s on-line course titled “Foundations of Coaching” is a 40-minute course will cover the following topics:

•  What makes up the ideal characteristics of a coach and Essential knowledge & ethics to have as a coach

•  How to fit your coaching into the right context for your athletes

•  The importance of focusing on retention in coaching

•  How athletes process information & differences between self-taught and instructor-led learning

•  How to use motivational tools with your students

•  How to approach teaching students with learning disabilities

•  How to teach using a learning progression

•  Key teaching methodologies including IDEA, Whole-Part-Whole and Games-based teaching

•  How to use interactive teaching and artful questioning to improve your teaching

•  The importance of developing a good practice plan & its key components

•  How to account for key variables and factors in making your plan and make your plan player-centric

•  How to modify your practice plan on the fly if it’s not working

•  The value of evaluations and reflection as coaching tools

•  The importance of both program and athlete evaluations

•  How to use evaluation and reflection effectively at all stages of your season

•  Good practices and requirements for reporting injuries and abuse

•  Safety precautions you can take in any sport setting

•  Good practices for managing administrative and HR tasks

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This course was created collaboratively with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, the Coaching Education Directors and AJDM Coaching Task Force Members from USA Judo, the US Judo Association and the US Judo Federation. While some of these fundamental concepts can be applied to all sports, the AJDM Coaches Task Force has worked hard to customize it for judo as much as possible.

The course takes about 40-minutes to complete and costs $30. The majority of the course participation fee will be re-invested back into the development and implementation of the AJDM to to create a self-sustaining program and alleviate the financial strain on any of the American Judo Alliance Organizations.


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