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Hall of Fame Class of 2019
  • Jim Colgan
    USA Judo

    Jim Colgan

    It seems that Jim has been involved since as far back as most living judoka can remember. First as a competitor and medalist as a heavyweight., as a member of the great Johnny Osako’s Dojo in Chicago. After retiring from competition, he served as leader in the Chicago Yudanshikai, and travelled to the AAU Judo meeting and served on various committees in leadership positions. In 1974, he was the Pan American Games Team Manager and again in 1976 was the Team Manager for the United States Olympic Judo Team. Jim's longtime involvement and familiarity with all phases of Judo culminated in his last as Chairperson of the Promotion Committee for USA Judo.

  • Hal Sharp
    USA Judo

    Hal Sharp

    Hal Sharp has been involved in judo for over 70 years and coach of Gardena Judo Club for more than 30 years. With Hal it is difficult to say if judo has influenced him or if he has influenced judo more. He is the first person to put out a real book on judo that an American could read and learn from. One of Sharp’s most significant contribution has been his books, including The Sport of Judo, published in 1956 and Techniques of Judo, published in 1957 and STILL in print.