Referees On The Go

USA Judo would like to extend congratulations for all our referees. International events are some of the most coveted events to participate at as a referee.

Please review a listing above of the events our referees are attending in the international arena.

Referees who have completed the IJF Academy

NameDateReferee LevelEventLocation
Donaldson, Bobby1/1/19IJF-ALevel 1DOM
Crawford, Tracy1/1/19N4Level 1DOM
Crawford, Tracy11/1/19N4Level 2DOM
Landstreet, Sharon?IJF-ALevel 1 
Cohen, Devin4/20/20IJF-ALevel 1DOM
Williams, David12/1/22IJF-ALevel 1JPN
Davis, John T.1/16/23IJF-BLevel 1DOM
Toth, Brian1/16/23IJF-ALevel 1DOM

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Referees on the Go

See what new events our referees are attending! Thank you to all the referees for their continuous dedication to the sport by volunteering to travel abroad and enhance their skills.