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Project Gold

Project Gold Training Camp Myrtle Beach, SC

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Join us for a weekend of training! Project Gold is going to be in Myrtle Beach 13-15 with coaches Jimmy Pedro, Travis Stevens, and Steve Cohen. The camp will be held in the same location as the American Judo Championship Series Events. 

All athletes will be able to attend camp sessions and compete without any conflict. 


You can register yourself or your full team for the event.

Individual Registration - This is for 1-4 people looking to attend the event. 

Team Registration - If you are trying to register 5 or more people there is a flat fee for the camp. Once you purchase the team registration you can email in your club name and list of participants. 


Myrtle Beach


Event Schedule:

Friday Night 

One Session 6pm-8pm Technical Session All Ages 2 Groups 


Competition Starts at 9am For U15+

Competition For U14 starts at 2pm 

Second Camp Session - Technical Session - 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Third Camp Session All Ages - Randori Session - 7pm-8:30pm 


Session 1 - All Ages 2 Groups - Technical Session - 9am-10am
Session 2 - All Ages 2 Groups -  Randori Session - 10:30am-11:30am


To register to fight in the American Judo Champions Series Event Click Here